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Bytepipe SDK software does not build with ADI SDK v0.24.1

Category: Software
Product Number: Bytepipe HDK
Software Version: Bytepipe SDK: v12.08.22 ARV9001 SDK: v0.24.1

Error may be reporduced by downloading a new copy of the ADRV9001 SDK from and performing a clean build following the instructions on

Command make -f ../src/adrv9001/Makefile hdl generates rflan_xczu3eg-sbva484-1-e.xsa

Command make -f ../src/rflan/Makefile sw fails with this message:

[redacted]/bytepipe_sdk/src/adrv9001/sw/adrv9001.c:161:108: error: 'adi_adrv9001_ArmVersion_t' {aka 'struct adi_adrv9001_ArmVersion'} has no member named 'rcVer'
   161 |     printf("  -Firmware Version: %u.%u.%u.%u\r\n",ArmVer.majorVer, ArmVer.minorVer, ArmVer.maintVer, ArmVer.rcVer );
       |                                                                                                            ^

Inspecting [redacted]/bytepipe_sdk/workspace/adrv9001-sdk/pkg/production/ shows that the ADRV9001 SDK changed ARM version handling for v68.5.12 (released 6/15/2023). It appears that this change broke the Bytepipe SDK build. If we inspect the definition file: \fpga_code\bytepipe_sdk\workspace\adrv9001-sdk\pkg\production\c_src\devices\adrv9001\public\include\adi_adrv9001_arm_types.h the definition no longer contains rcVer:

typedef struct adi_adrv9001_ArmVersion
    uint8_t majorVer;
    uint8_t minorVer;
    uint8_t maintVer;
    adi_adrv9001_ArmBuildType_e armBuildType;
} adi_adrv9001_ArmVersion_t;