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RFPD-RC-4450-50 interface to ADRV9002

Can I use the RFPD-RC-4450-50 with the ADRV9009 eval board?

  • Yes but you will need to make sure the RFPD-RC-4450-50 is configured properly first.  The first decision is whether to include the HMC892A in the receive chain.  If you do, C76, C203, and C211 need to be not populated.  C212 and C75 need to be populated with 5.6 pF capacitors.  If you do not, C203 and C75 need to not be populated and C76 needs to be populated with a 5.6 pF capacitor.  C176, C209, R174, R175, R189, R207, and R208 need to not be populated.  C213 and C210 need to be populated with a 5.6 pF capacitor.  R193, R192, R221, R220, R219 need to be populated with a 0 ohm resistor.      

    The RFPD-RC-4450-50 also needs DPD in order to get its best performance.  The ADRV9009 eval board supports DPD through the feedback path. You may need to use DPD IP from the baseband ASIC/FPGA or from some third-party vendor to demonstrate DPD.

    Please refer to the below for some reference.