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Set Current Range in Chronoamperometry Measurements

Product Number: emstat pico


I have tried to set current range in Choronoamperometry measurements. Based on the 'MethodSCRIPT-v1_4.pdf file, there is no current range settings (in 12th page) in the sample application. So how can I set current range setting for CA? Here is the sample scripts,

var p
var c
# Select channel 0, set PGStat mode to low-speed and turn on the cell.
set_pgstat_chan 0
set_pgstat_mode 2
# Run a measurement loop for the Chronoamperometry (CA) technique.
meas_loop_ca p c 100m 200m 1000m
  # The following commands are executed after each iteration (measurement).
  pck_start # Start a new data packet.
  pck_add p # Add the p variable (potential) to the packet.
  pck_add c # Add the c variable (current) to the packet.
  pck_end # Close and transmit the data packet.
  # At the endloop command, the script execution halts until it is time
  # for the next measurement loop iteration.

Thank you!

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