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Limit Number of Readings

Product Number: emstat Pico


I have two problems related of the reading data with chemical sensing. First is that the emstat pico is continuously making measurements. For example, I set 2s interval for total 10s duration measurements for the CA so I expect that I will read six different values, then stop, but the system keeps going on reading so how can I limit number of readings? Second question is that the system does not start reading from 1st index unless I do power off-on the system. For example, in the first run of the reading with sensor, I get results with the index from 1st to 500th, then in the second run of the sensor, I get results with the index from 501st to 1000th, so how can I force the system to start form very beginning in each measurements without power off-on the system?

Thank you,

  • Hi AE104,

    I will assume you are talking about the Arduino example like last time. However, I'm still not sure I understand the situation you're describing. The EmStat Pico does not measure automatically, it performs MethodSCRIPT sent to it. If you want to change the measurement behavior, you should modify the script.

    The package index is incremented in the Arduino code, so you have full control over it. It is called "package_nr".

    The reason it keeps incrementing is because you are probably doing a continuous measurement, so it never resets. The example, by default, only starts the MethodSCRIPT once when powered up.

    Kind regards,

  • So, I get two questions based on the comment, how can I control 'continuous measurement'? How can I send the MethodScript without depending on the power up?

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