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Instant Drop in SWV


During SWV measurements, after certain point which is indicated on the figure with red line, the SWV current response starts to go down instantly. When I do the same measurements with PalmSens, the curve continue to goes up. I suspect that I should I add a autorange script in the main script. Or the problem is different?

  • I control emstat pico with Bluetooth and integrated on a custom PCB. Here is the SWV scripts,

    char const * Square_Wave =  "e\n"
    							"var p\n"
    							"var c\n"
    							"var f\n"
    							"var r\n"
    							"set_pgstat_mode 3\n"
    							"set_max_bandwidth 2400\n"
    							"set_range ba 100n\n"
    							"set_e 0\n"
    							"wait 1\n"
    							"meas_loop_swv p c f r 0 1 50m 50m 5\n"
    							"pck_add p\n"
    							"pck_add c\n"

  • That is correct, autoranging may help here.

    Try adding the following command just after "set_range":
    "set_autoranging ba 100n 1m"

    This will tell the device to enable autoranging on the WE current signal, and that you would like to limit ranging to currents within 100 nA and 1 mA.

    Kind regards,