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Get Time Duration in Chronoamperometry Measurements


In Chronoamperometry measurement results, I want to see time values in output table. How can I do that? Currently, the output looks like that,

My MethodScript Code is

char const * Chrono_Amp = "e\n"

"var p\n"

"var c\n"

"set_pgstat_mode 2\n"


// A DC potential of 100 mV (EdcChro) is applied. The current is measured every 100 ms (tintervalChro) for

// a total of 2 seconds (trunChro). This results in a total of 20 data points at a rate of 10 points per second.

"meas_loop_ca p c 100m 100m 2\n"


"pck_add p\n"

"pck_add c\n"