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Parse Error in SWV mode

Category: Software
Product Number: emStat pico


I can test the emstat pico module on my custom board safely for CA and LSV measurements. But when I set it for SWV, I got this parsing error. Can you help me on that?

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  • For 'Failed parse package: -5" error, I use SWV method scripts like that,

    char const * Square_Wave_Volt = "e\n"

    "var c\n"

    "var p\n"

    "set_pgstat_mode 2\n"

    "set_cr 100m\n"


    "meas_loop_swv p c f r -500m 500m 10m 15m 10\n"


    "pck_add p\n"

    "pck_add c\n"






    The model number is EP2NJ1WZ emstat pico. How can I learn the firmware version and version of the example?