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Pico Dev Kit Data Discontinuities

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ESPico_Dev V1.0
Software Version: Firmware 1.304

Hello, I am using the emStat Pico Dev kit and have issues with jumps in the data on the 2nd WE in bipotentiostat configuration. The jumps regularly occur in the data of WE2 at certain voltages when performing a voltage sweep on WE1. WE2 has a constant bias voltage. The size of the jump varies with measured current and ranges from 200nA to 4uA. I have used other Pico dev kits and have not seen this issue. Is there any way of correcting this sort of issue with a manual calibration? I have tried the auto calibration, which has not resolved the issue.

The attached image shows the discontinuities in the data of i(WE2) vs E(WE1) at 0V and ~0.35V.