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24 channels in EmStat Pico MUX16

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EmStat Pico MUX16
Software Version: PSTrace 5.9


I have one EmStat Pico MUX16. I want to run 24 channels with separate Counter, Reference and Working electrodes. Is this possible? How can I achieve that by using one computer and one PSTrace? Thank you

  • Hi Maria,

    The EmStat Pico MUX16 only supports up to 16 channels if you are using a separate CE, RE and WE for each channel.

    However, the CE+RE can be switched independently from the WE, allowing you to connect any CE+RE to any WE. This way you can create up to 256 combinations of electrodes, but there will still only be up to 16 CE+RE electrodes and 16 WE electrodes. Is this a solution in your use case?

    Kind regards,

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your answer. I know that these are the capabilities of one EmStat Pico MUX16. Can I use two of them to run the 24 individual channels? So have one EmStat Pico MUX16 run 12 separate W,C,R electrodes and a second one th run the rest 12 separate W,C,R electrodes. If yes, do you have any suggestion on how to achieve that by using one computer and one MethodScript window? 

    Thank you

  • Hi Maria,

    I will assume that you intend to use all 24 channels in the same solution. This is not possible in one MethodSCRIPT window. Both devices will need to run their own script, one MUX 16 will need to trigger the other when it is done somehow.

    Depending on how complex you would like to go, there are some options to get close.

    MultiTrace has "Combined instruments" and "Individual mode" options that can be used to do simultaneous measurements with two different scripts in one GUI. You will still either need to ensure that one Pico MUX16 waits for the other in MethodSCRIPT, or galvanically isolate the two instruments so that they can measure at the same time without affecting each other.

    There are ways to wait for GPIO events using MethodSCRIPT, but in this case those same pins are also being used for the muxing, and are not available on pin headers.

    Alternatively, we also have various software SDK's that can be used to control both instruments at the same time. This way you can sequence them in software.

    Kind regards,

  • So by using the SDK libraries you provide, it can be done. I just need to create my own software and not use the MethodScript.

    Thank you very much for your guidance and help.

    Kind regards,