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Integration of emstt pico to arduino micro

Category: Software
Product Number: Emstat pico
Software Version: Arduino

Good afternoon. I am interested in integrating the emstat pico in an arduino micro for portable electrochemical measurements.  I made sure that the libraries shared in github are correctly installed and I used the example code MethodSCRIPTExample.ino to test my board. Until this point, I havent been able of succesfully connecting the Arduino micro to the emstat pico. I attached a screenshoot of the characters appear in the serial monitor

The pins of the emstat pico are correctly connected to the Arduino micro (Tx, Rx, Vin, and GND) because the blue LED is turned on during the testing. Is it there any recommendations you can provide me about this event?

  • Good afternoon to you too!

    The screenshot is a bit hard to read, but the Arduino is getting an unexpected response. I can't read what the exact response is from this image.

    If the blue LED comes on, this means the EmStat Pico is powered and the firmware is running. It does not ensure the Tx and Rx are correctly connected. The Arduino Rx should go to the EmStat Pico Tx, and the Arduino Tx to the EmStat Pico Rx. Is your Arduino able to communicate reliably at a baudrate of 230400? If it is an Arduino MKR Zero, it will be able to.

    We have noticed that there has been a change in the Arduino library with how the serial ports are named. We have a branch available that addresses this for the Arduino MKR Zero (and adds support for the EmStat4). For other Arduino's this branch is still likely to work, but there is a chance that the naming is different.

    This branch can be found here: