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EmStat Pico Android Bluetooth

Category: Hardware


I want to ask a question regarding using EmStat Pico module with bluetooth.

I have read several documents provided. From the documentation, the hardware setup for bluetooth android communication is using the EmStat Pico development board. However, i want to use the EmStat Pico module only. For this instance, i use ESP32 with bluetooth built in as the microcontroller. How is the configuration? 

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  • Hi Namuseo,

    Unfortunately, we do not offer support for custom BlueTooth modules with our software. That said, I can still give you some advise.

    By default, our devices use BlueTooth 2.1 with the Serial Port Profile. BlueTooth Low Energy is not supported at the moment. Our software specifically searches for devices with names like "PS-XXXX", where "XXXX" is a hexadecimal number. Your device will need a similar name.

    If this does not work you may be able to write your own software based on our MethodSCRIPT examples. You will have to set up the connection yourself in this case.

    Kind regards,