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EmStat Pico - PSTrace 2ch simultaneous measurement

Hi EmStat Pico support team,

EmStat Pico has 2channel AFE.

I would like to use both of 2ch simultaneously.

Does PSTrace support 2ch separate measurement same time??

Best regards,


  • Hi Jun,

    PSTrace only offers built-in support for what are called "bipotentiostat" measurements, where one set of RE and CE electrodes is used, but the WE of 2 different channels can be used in the same measurement. This has to be enabled in the settings first. In this mode the bipot WE is maintained at a fixed potential, or at a potential relative to the main channel WE. This mode is supported in most, but not all measurement techniques.

    PSTrace does not fully support using the 2 full AFE channels completely separately. However, since this is possible in MethodSCRIPT, it can still be done in the MethodSCRIPT sandbox in PSTrace. To do this, simply initialize both channels normally, but use the set_pgstat_chan command to switch between the channels, the settings will stick when switching between channels.

    The standard measurement techniques cannot be performed on more than one channel at a time outside of bipot mode, so it's mostly useful to bias a channel while you do a measurement on the other channel. The "meas" command can be used to do just one measurement on the selected channel, if you would like to alternate between the channels relatively quickly.

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  • Hi Hielke,

    Thank you so much for you kindly comment!

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