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EmStat pico for 2 terminal sensor


I would like to use 2-terminal sensor for glucose sensing.

Our sensor doesn't have "Reference terminal".

And I would like to evaluate two method.

 - OCP sensing with external resister(Voltage measurement)

 - CA sensing (Current measurement)

For the RE pin connection, should I connect RE pin to CE pin??

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  • Hi Jun,

    I checked with Lutz from PalmSens in advance:

    To close a circuit 2 electrodes are required. Between these electrodes a potential difference is applied and the current is measured. When you use a potentiostat the second electrode is split in the RE, which carries the potential, and the CE, where the current flows.

    If a current flows (almost all techniques require that), but you only want to use 2 electrodes, your RE and CE must be connected to the same electrode.

    During an OCP measurement no current flows, because it is an open circuit potential. For that reason it suffices to use the WE and RE during an OCP measurement. The CE has no purpose during OCP measurements.

  • Hi joern3,

    Thank you very much for your comment!

    I understood connection for our test.

    I would like to try it.

    Best regards,