EmStat Pico with Arduino -- Error

I want to connect my EmStat Pico with an arduino Micro. I downloaded the files for the Arduino Example from https://github.com/PalmSens/emstatpico/tree/master/MethodSCRIPTExample_Arduino. After including the MothodSCRIPT C libraries from the MethodSCRIPTComm folder and the MathHelperLibrary in MethodSCRIPTExample.ino, I try compile the sketch but an error comes up:

C:\......\MethodSCRIPTExample\MethodSCRIPTExample.ino: In function 'void loop()':
MethodSCRIPTExample:271:29: error: 'HUGE_VALF' was not declared in this scope
if (data.zreal != HUGE_VALF)
exit status 1
'HUGE_VALF' was not declared in this scope

I have checked that the libraries included are correct but the error persists.

Also, I noticed that the code in the Example is:

 extern "C" {
#include <MSComm.h>
#include <MathHelpers.h>
#include <Arduino.h>

but the PDF notes (https://github.com/PalmSens/emstatpico/blob/master/MethodSCRIPTExample_Arduino/GettingStarted_MethodSCRIPT_Example_Arduino.pdf) say:

extern "C" {
#include <MSComm.h>
#include <MathHelpers.C>

Has this anything to do with the error? How can I solve this?

Thank you!