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How to convert the output data of the internal temperature sensor ADT7420 to °C?

I was able to successful read out the temperature data of ADT7420 using methodscript to access the I2C interface. I used the script example in the methodscript protocol description.

Could you please help and explain how to convert the 16bit into °C?

The datasheet gives only examples for 13bit convention:

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  • Hi

    Please take a look at equations on Page 12 of ADT7420. First, you will need to determine if the temp is Positive or negative, this can be by checking the  15th bit (0 -> positive, 1 -> negative). Then convert the Binary digital output into Decimal code.

    After that use the respective equations to get the temperature value,

    (FYI - The above equation is only for 16-bit temp data format check the datasheet for other 13-, 10-, 9- bit data format equations.)

    Thank you

    Kind regards,