Terminal Connection Access

How to access the EmStat Pico via a terminal connection?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 4, 2020 7:27 AM

    If you want to access the Emstat Pico module without using the PSTrace software to test the hardware interfaces without performing a measurement every time, you can do this via a terminal connection.

    1. Before you start with the next steps ensure that the Emstat Pico evaluation board is already running using the PSTrace software and you can perform measurements. In this way we can check if your are hardware is good and USB drivers are installed properly.
    2. I tested the connection with the terminal program "Tera Term" using Windows 10 vers1809. Therefore all following steps are related to this program. In general you should find similar settings in any other terminal program as well.
    3. Install Tera Term
    4. Connect the Emstat Pico evaluation board through USB to your PC
    5. Identify the COM port in the device manager
    6. Open Tera Term
      1. RECEIVE: LF
      2. TRANSMIT: LF
    8. Go to SETUP-->SERIAL PORT
      1. PORT: "enter your com port"
      2. SPEED: 230400
      3. click NEW OPEN
    9. That's it, check your connection by typing "t" (without"") and hit enter.
    10. The response of the Emstat Pico is shown in the picture below.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Emstat Pico does not return any echo, so you won't see any of your entered characters. You will notice if your command was successful as soon as the module answers.