"Dynamic dc-potential range" in the EmStat Pico specs

I am reading the EmStat Pico specs please explain what you mean by "Dynamic dc-potential range"?

Thank you

  • In the EmStat Pico specifications the "Dynamic dc-potential range" is mentioned with a value of 2.2 V for the Low Speed mode ,1.2 V for the High Speed and 2.6 V for the Combined mode.

    In the case of the Combined mode this means that the EmStat Pico is able to do a potential sweep that covers a range of total 2.6 V. So if a Linear Sweep (or Polarization scan) is started at -0.5 V in the High Speed mode it scan up to 0.7 V.

    If you want to cover a larger range in the High Speed mode you could tie two separate scans together in the MethodSCRIPT.