Automatic Test Equipment Design

At OA Innovations we have over 30 years combined of Instrumentation and ATE design experience. We have successfully completed many precision analog and precision RF designs. The degree of precision (and cost of the design) can vary considerably, depending on the bandwidth, accuracy, and temperature stability requirements. At OA Innovations we understand these trade-offs and know how to produce the best possible design, able to repeatably meet the specification with the most cost-effective component choices.


  • Built In Self-Test (BIST) for industrial application
  • Wideband sampler for ATE application
  • Precision Per Pin Measurement Unit (PPMU) for ATE application
  • PIN Electronics card for ATE Application
  • Precision IF and ultra-low ripple filter for industrial application
  • Precision wideband high resolution attenuator for industrial application
  • Broadband Microwave signal distribution amplifier for ATE application
  • Ultrasound transceiver system Built in Self Test for medical application
  • Pulse Position Modulated IR sensor position detector/logic safety system
  • Automatic bulb check system for industrial application
  •  Analog Employees