Experience designing with the ADA4530 Femtoampere Input Bias Current Electrometer Amplifier?

Have you had much experience with using the AD4530 Picoammeter in designs ?

  • Hi Dan, thanks for the question. We love the ADA4530 ! So far we've used it in a number of Picoammeter designs and have had excellent results. For those not familiar with Picoammeters it's the input leakage current that ultimately limits the accuracy of the measurement and with an input leakage of only 20fA input leakage and a built in guard rail amplifier this part enables some extremely accurate Picoammeters. For example one of our earlier designs with careful  board layout using this part enabled us to typically realize 1% accuracy on the 10pA range. To do this would require a combined board and ADA4530 leakage of 100fA or less which is pretty amazing and due to a combination of careful part selection, board design and of course the ADA4530. I would add that this board was built in the lab and met the requirements without even needing to put it through the ultrasonic wash tank !