What type of RF designs have you done?

Can you possibly tell me about what kind of RF designs you’ve worked on ?

  • Hi Dan, yes thanks for the question. Besides working a lot with high speed and precision analog we have also done a lot of RF design work so are familiar with the Hittite (now ADI) range of Microwave products. We have also designed a wide range of RF and microwave products, everything  from IF amplifiers to microwave 10GHz Automatic Test equipment with YIG oscillators for SERDES.  RF switches, upconverters, downconverters, I/Q modulators/demodulators, distribution amplifiers, limiters, GASfets, MMIC amplifiers, synthesizers, filters, and power Amplifiers to name just a few. We have done RF design work in the industrial, scientific and medical products areas, and also are well versed in broadband RF instrumentation designs for ATE applications. We also have a pretty extensive selection of RF/Microwave test equipment too everything from a 17pS TDR test set to Spectrum/Vector network analyzers. So we are very comfortable with any RF design from DC to 10GHz.