Althea 5GSPS FMC Card performing interleave correction

Watch this demonstration of how the Althea 5GSPS FMC card performs interleaving correction. Do you ever find yourself running into interleaving issues while using a system with multiple analog-to-digital converters? There can often be differences in gain or phase between the two or multiple channels that are involved with the capture. Fidus and ADI have created a 5GSPS FMC card which works on a multiple analog-to-digital converter that can also correct any unwanted interleaving products. The video below is a live demonstration of how the Althea 5GSPS FMC Card has interleaving correction logic that makes unwanted interleaving spurs disappear. The Althea 5GSPS 12-bit, JESD204B ADC based FMC is a powerful solution for your prototyping and limited production needs.

  •  Analog Employees