Sidewinder-100, Simply Faster

Fidus created Sidewinder to accelerate storage applications using a ZynqRegistered UltraScale+Tm MPSoC. The platform makes use of NVMeOver Fabrics to eliminate the latency associated with SCSI and SAS protocol translations, resulting in significant reductions in transaction times and thus enabling impressive gains in decision making and response times. Key components from Analog Devices and Linear Technology enable the power of Sidewinder.

Sidewinder was designed for storage acceleration, however, it has shown itself to be valuable in many other applications as well. One could consider Sidewinder a powerful platform for development of anything that requires processing power, FPGA-based acceleration, and benefits from large amounts of storage

Fidus is working closely with multiple vendors to deliver tailored solutions to customers. In addition, if you require any custom development, Fidus is ready and willing to discuss your needs.

For all of the above, we say that Sidewinder is-Simply Faster.

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