8-Channel, 250MSPS, 14-bit, JESD204B, ADC FMC

Happy to announce that the Fidus-designed AD9250-based, 8-channel, 250MSPS, 14-bit, JESD204B, ADC FMC is available for ordering! Now for sale as part of inrevium's awesome and extensive FMC and carrier card catalog.

We combined our expert FMC design capabilities and our terrific relationship with Analog Devices to bring this new product to market. We stuck to VITA 57.1 to make this compatible with as many off-the-shelf carrier cards as possible. Front-end MMCX connectors (8 analog inputs, 1 in/out trigger, 1 in/out clk) are quick and easy to snap-in and out. Shields are provided for Ch-Ch isolation. Get to know the really, really, really low phase noise AD9528 onboard clock generator. This card is designed to take you to the edge of production (conduction cooled, heat sink available)... maybe some of you will even use it for production. Let's talk.

Should also mention that Fidus is an expert at enabling your system with JESD204B FPGA cores. Need a hand? Need this customized? Give us a shout.

Check out the product sheet and user manual below. Message me to get your hands on one, and ask for TB-FMCH-8AD250.