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ADPD410z led not blinking

Hi sir,

i am working with ppg device adpd4100z , i am able  communicate with device through spi . i have done device configuration registers but led is not blinking , i am using the led 3b and led 4b both  led i have enabled and current i have given 60 ma led is not blinking. any one help where i am done wrong.

here is the configuration registers

{0x0108U, 0x0000U},
{0x000FU, 0x0006U}, // Enable the 1 mhz
{0x0101U, 0x4101U}, // TS_PATH and prewidth 8us // 0x40DAU //0x4101U
{0x000DU, 0x2710U}, // TS freq 100hz
{0x0021U, 0x0000U},
{0x0023U, 0x0A00U},
{0x0102U, 0x0001U}, // IN1 is connected to channel 1 IN2 dis
{0x0104U, 0xE3C0U}, // TIA_VREF 1.265V Modulate TIA_VERF 1.265V //03C
{0x0103U, 0x5002U}, // Precondition with TIA_VERF and VC1 active TIA_REF +215 mv
{0x0105U, 0x2626U},
{0x0106U, 0xA6A6U}, // selecting LED4B,LED3B and op current 70ma 0xA6A6
{0x0107U, 0x0101U}, // number of analog convertion (single)selected
{0x0109U, 0x0210U}, // led offset 16us and led width 2us 0210
{0x010AU, 0x0043U}, // set intifration width 3us and
{0x010BU, 0x1014U} // 1 us sec incremets lsb,31.25 incremets nano sec