Help with designing the input and output circuit for AD2S1210

Hello all,

We are actually planning to replace a very old RDC(RDC-19222) with AD2S1210. 

We are already using the 15RSF4 resolver (which I obtained from an aviation device and it operates at 60V and 400Hz) for our application. Below is the spec for that resolver

We are looking for help with designing the output and input stage circuit(choosing the appropriate filter and amplifier) between the Resolver(15RSF4) and AD2S1210. Any help would be much appreciated.

Our end goal is for an aviation product.



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    Hi Vivek,

    Thank you for reach out to the Design Partner Network on PartnerZone.

    Are you are looking for a Design Service Company who is very familiar with the ADI IMUs?

    If so I do have a company in mind who would be happy to chat with you on your requirements

    and what they can offer based on their experience. (They can give you a free quote)

    Please let me know