3DR Computing Overview

3DR Computing technology brings together high performance computing, ease of programmability, low cost, and commercial I/O flexibility in a modular, open systems and standards architecture to realize uniquely scalable and widely configurable, high speed embedded processing solutions for the development of radar, EW, SIGINT, and communication systems.

3DR Computing possesses the unique ability to morph in size, shape, and processing capacity. This flexibility provides a low cost standard solution capable of rapidly conforming to the vastly different power, space, and environmental requirements found aboard any surface, sub-surface, or airborne system or platform.


The 3DR–10GbE module, Brimstone, provides two standard, high-capacity interfaces for connecting 3DR computing based subsystems to other equipment within a network. Brimstone is often used as a data plane in modular, open systems radar architectures and can also be used for real time data recording.
Brimstone provides connectivity through the main 3DR-FPGA-PPC module via the Z1 connector. The board contains two Cx4 copper connectors and a Mellanox ConnectX-2. The Mellanox ConnectX-2 architecture supports Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI), providing both InfiniBand® and Ethernet network interfaces.

  • Digital Radar Receivers
  • Digital Exciter/Waveform Generation or Simulator
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Signal Intelligence
  • Electronic Intelligence
  • Communications

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