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3DR Computing Overview

3DR Computing technology brings together high performance computing, ease of programmability, low cost, and commercial I/O flexibility in a modular, open systems and standards architecture to realize uniquely scalable and widely configurable, high speed embedded processing solutions for the development of radar, EW, SIGINT, and communication systems.

3DR Computing possesses the unique ability to morph in size, shape, and processing capacity. This flexibility provides a low cost standard solution capable of rapidly conforming to the vastly different power, space, and environmental requirements found aboard any surface, sub-surface, or airborne system or platform.


The 3DR-ADC-10GSPS, known as Lightning 1, is a 4 channel, 12 bit, 10GSPS Analog-to-Digital converter board for digitizing and processing analog inputs. High performance, low latency processing can be implemented via the onboard Altera Arria 10 FPGA (10AX115U3F45I2SG).
As with all 3DR computing modules, Lightning 1 supports three dimensional connectivity, allowing the user to stack and/or tile modules to address a wide variety of processing, I/O, size, weight, and power requirements. Lightning 1 provides PCIe and LVDS interfaces via the Y and Z connectors to other modules in the 3DR computing family. It also offers additional external interfaces including Twinax, and SMA connections for clocking and triggering flexibility along with Time of Day (ToD).

  • Digital Signal Processing/Data Acquisition
  • Radar Receiver (Digital Receiver)
  • Digital Array Processing & Beamforming
  • Electronic Warfare/Attack Systems

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