3DR Computing Overview

3DR Computing technology brings together high performance computing, ease of programmability, low cost, and commercial I/O flexibility in a modular, open systems and standards architecture to realize uniquely scalable and widely configurable, high speed embedded processing solutions for the development of radar, EW, SIGINT, and communication systems.

3DR Computing possesses the unique ability to morph in size, shape, and processing capacity. This flexibility provides a low cost standard solution capable of rapidly conforming to the vastly different power, space, and environmental requirements found aboard any surface, sub-surface, or airborne system or platform.


At the heart of the 3DR Computing family architecture is the 3DR-V6-460SX Central Processing Module. This module consists of a Power PC (PPC-460SX) general purpose processor, a Xilinx (Virtex 6) FPGA, on board DDR2 memory modules, and a combination of PCIe, LVDS, and SERDES commercially available I/O modules. The processing modules also provide dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, JTAG, and RS-232. The variety of available standard interfaces promotes network connectivity with a wide range of 3rd party systems and subsystem. This includes commercially available switches and routers and promotes the integration of a system-of-systems in a net-centric environment.

The 3DR Computing standard micro-controller architecture is interfaced through the I2C bus to provide FPGA and PPC temperature, voltage, and current monitoring for automatic shut-down during critical over heat and/or voltage conditions.

As with all 3DR Computing modules, the 3DR-V6-460SX supports 3 dimensional connectivity, allowing the user to stack and/or tile modules to address a wide variety of processing, I/O, size, weight, and power requirements.

  • General Purpose/Digital Signal Processing
  • Radar Receiver/Exciter
  • Digital Array Processing and Beamforming
  • Electronic Warfare/Attack Systems
  • SIGINT (ELINT, COMINT, Etc.) Systems
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Remote Sensing

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