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From Data Ingestion to Model & Simulation, from Radar Processing to Computational Finance, and from Cyber Security to Edge Analytics, the Dual Stratix 10 eXtreme High Performance Compute Node (XhpcN-DS10) is the most versatile and highest performing FPGA Accelerator card about to hit the market!

The XhpcN-DS10 is designed to take on today’s data-intensive computing problems by incorporating two of Intel’s revolutionary Stratix 10 FPGAs, massive amounts of DDR4 and plenty of high speed I/O. With the OpenCL support included in the Board Support Package (BSP), the XhpcN-DS10 can now be easily programmed without the need to dive down into complicated Verilog or VHDL code.

  • Communications
  • Computing
  • Military
  • Broadcast
  • Medical
  • Test & Measurement

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