iScan Omega 1 Brochure


Model Number: iScan-ADF5904-5901-7316-F



CEI’s iScan Radar Series brings high frequency radar technology to small form factor platforms. Utilizing a modular architecture, iScan processor, expansion, and antenna modules can be mixed and matched to create a customized development platform. The Radar Series was designed for rapid prototype development with customizable optimizations available to meet customer specific application requirements. With 24, 60, and 77GHz options to choose from the iScan Radar Series is the perfect solution that enables end users to      significantly decrease cost and time-to-market!



iScan Omega 1 is our latest and greatest antenna  module designed to help take your next radar design to market quickly. Equipped with Analog Devices Inc.’s ADF5901 Tx and ADF5904 Rx downconverter, iScan Omega 1 has plenty of  processing power to support a plethora of advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms. The built-in patch antenna has a fixed beam with a FoV of ± 36.5° Azimuth and ± 8° Elevation. Other features include a reference frequency of 100MHz, reference sampling capabilities, and a PLL chip. Let iScan Omega 1 be the gateway to your next radar design!


iScan Omega 1 FEATURES

Fixed Beam Antenna Radar

ADF5901 Tx: 2 Ch, 24GHz power amplifier (PA) with 8 dBm output

ADF5904 Rx: 4 Ch, 24GHz Rx downconverter

FoV: ± 36.5° Azimuth, ± 8° Elevation

Reference Frequency: 100MHz via oscillator

External Reference Injection: SMA Connector

Dimensions: 5.25 in x 4.5 in