iScan Radar Series


The iScan Radar Series makes rapid prototyping of high performance radar quick and easy. Utilizing a modular architecture, CEI’s iScan processor, expansion, and   antenna modules can be mixed and matched to create a customized development platform. Equipped with     extensive capability, such as MIMO, steerable beams and digital beam forming, iScan provides superior            performance for tasks such as range, speed and RCS measurements, target tracking, collision avoidance,   occupancy sensing and much more.  iScan Antenna Modules are available in 24, 60 and 77GHz options, making the iScan Radar Series an excellent solution for your next application.


Modular and Expandable

CEI’s iScan Modular Radar Architecture is designed to get your next radar prototype up and running quickly! The interchangeable antennas, processor and              enhancement modules make it easy to customize your development platform. Sold as kits or as individual   modules, simply choose your preferred combination of iScan modules, connect them together and get started!


Three basic types of boards comprise the iScan          architecture:

  • The iScan Edge (Processor Module) acts as the control center for the development platform.
  • The optional iScan Turbo (Expansion Module) can be added to provide enhanced processing, sensing, and evaluation capability.
  • Antenna Modules include the iScan Prizm (77 GHz) or iScan Omega (24 GHz). These contain the RF transmitter/receiver and a variety of antenna options.


All three module types are designed to be combined so feel free to mix, match and stack!