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How to supply A2B Phantom power - help!

I'm developing a prototype of an A2B system using some phantom powered A2B device (slave) boards that we already developed for another project. For the new system I need 8 phantom powered devices and they draw too much power in total.  The current system uses 4 of them and meets the phantom power limits of A2B.  How can I use 8 of these in my prototype? (the actual system will have different boards in it and this won't be an issue).

  • Clockworks A2B module can be used as a mid span power injector for phantom A2B power.  For this application they only need to be connected to power (8 or 9V would be suggested to provide as much voltage to the phantom powered nodes, each node drops the voltage by about 0.5V) to the module.

    Update the network topology for the node being added.  If audio was routed with the streams feature then there's really nothing else needed as that will take care of passing the up and down data streams through this new node.