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What services do you offer?

Please provide a list of services that you offer.

Thank you

  • Clockworks offers products and custom engineering to reduce time and risk associated with development of products that include signal processing. While used in audio systems, the hardware and software are applicable to use  where a large number of channels of data need to be acquired and processed in real-time.

    Clockworks assistance covers a number of items:

    • System architecture and design guidance
    • Rapid prototyping using Clockworks’ SignalBlox products in conjunction with Analog Device’s SHARC Audio Module
    • Small volume OEM applications using SignalBlox modules as production ready hardware
    • Custom hardware development with either SignalBlox or with integrated designs
    • Development and integration of Analog Device’s A2B for distributed I/O applications
    • Custom software for the hardware platforms built with the above


    Clockworks customer’s can benefit from the open source nature of the SignalBlox system as they are free to copy/reuse the designs based on the terms of the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license.