Seven new hardware options for A2B system developers

Clockworks has added a new AD2428 based A2B module for developers and OEMs looking to quickly add A2B to their system but can not use the standard Molex DuraClik style connector found on the evaluation boards. The board is available in two versions, one for locally powered applications and the other for phantom powered applications.

There are six new boards that can by mated to the new module. The first four are intended to provide an easy way to interface I2S, I2C, or GPIO devices.

  • AB0106P - phantom powered client (slave) A2B node I/O expander
  • AB0106L - locally powered client (slave) A2B node I/O expander
  • AB0108 - root (master) node I/O expander for external I2S clock
  • AB0110 - root (master) node I/O expander for with I2S clock generation
  • AB0105 4 channel microphone array add-on board. Similar to ADI's WCZ board, it enables experimentation with audio beam forming.
  • 4 module carrier board, the AB0109.  It provides a simple way to develop software for a high node count system without a mess of wires and boards spewed across the bench.

Local powered version of the AB0003 module