Part 1 of an A2B article series authored by Clockworks in AudioXpress magazine October issue

Wondering what A2B is all about?  Check out part 1 of this 4 part series in AudioXpress magazine.


In this edition, we also begin a new article series about Analog Devices A2B or Automotive Audio Bus, a digital audio bus technology originally developed for automotive requirements that is now finding interesting design possibilities in other audio applications. "Getting Started with Automotive Audio Bus (A2B)" is the title for a series prepared by signal processing audio expert Brewster LaMacchia. After having discovered A2B technology in its inception, and Analog Devices announcing that the A2B parts and tools would become a regularly available part through distribution, LaMacchia started looking at applications where A2B solves problems that don’t have good alternatives. This month, he details A2B's features, and use with I2S and PDM interfaces, before exploring the technical underpinnings of the A2B bus design and creating systems with the development tools available. An exciting roadmap for all audioXpress readers to enjoy.