Clockworks joins Analog Devices at NAMM 2019

Amid 500 drum sets joined by 1000 electric guitars, Clockworks Signal Processing set up a small demonstration area in the Analog Devices meeting room of the A2B® modules and EVM along with some prototype hardware of the SignalBlox® product line for use with A2B and/or the Analog Device's SHARC® Audio Module. We'll be doing a full announcement of the SignalBlox product line this spring.

Clockworks also participated in two presentations as part of the A3E program at NAMM.  One was on Rapid Hardware Development and the other was part of Analog Device's SHARC Audio Module workshop. Both events were recorded so as soon as they become available we'll update this page with links.

Our next scheduled event is the Audio Engineering Society AES convention in New York City in October.