A2B Transceiver I2S clock jitter analysis

Clock jitter is the bane of any system that performs analog/digital conversion because measuring at the wrong point in time is the same as measuring  the wrong level.  The AD242x series of A2B parts retain a high jitter specification on the datasheet ranging from 1.57 nsec to over 5 nsec RMS (TIE).  While those levels would not an issue for voice, which is one of the primary use cases for A2B in automotive markets, they may be of concern for high performance (e,g, high DR, low THD+N) audio applications.

Clockworks recently performed system measurements of the AD2428's I2S output jitter and has made it available as TechNote008, which can be found on the Clockworks TechNote page. This is provided to give designers an understanding of the impact and provide general guidance to develop their own tests during system prototyping.

For those interested to learn more about jitter in digital audio systems or how to make jitter measurements with your DSO, please see this blog post: Jitter Spectrum Measurement with a DSO.