A2B Cables

When creating A2B systems for developers and testing one of the immediate issues is getting enough cables of the correct length.  Unfortunately ADI has not offered guidance on a preferred connector choice so production applications have no standard for A2B interconnect (more on cables in this post).  For development tools, ADI has standardized on a 2 pin Molex DuraClik connectors and Clockworks also uses that same connector.

Cables are made by crimping a pin on the end of the wire and inserting in to a plastic housing.  There are two parts to the crimp, the one that grabs the end of the wires to make a gas-tight electrical connection and a second one that wraps the insulation to prevent mechanical stresses on the electrical connection.  A generic crimping tool can make the electrical crimp but has difficulty with the insulation crimp.  Molex offer an expensive hand tool, but it takes a certain amount of practice to get them consistent and it's not a fast process.

To make life easier for developers Clockworks is now offering A2B cables both in two standard lengths in small quantities from stock and larger quantities of custom lengths in 8-12 weeks.  For more information please see the Clockworks' website.

1m A2B cable