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请问产品MAX32550-LBS+ 和MAX32550-LBJ+ 的丝印是如何分辨?功能上有什么区别?

Category: Hardware
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请问产品MAX32550-LBS+  和MAX32550-LBJ+ 的丝印是如何分辨?功能上有什么区别?

以下图片是MAX32550-LBS+ 的丝印吗?

  • Thank you for your inquiry.  

    A Non-Disclosure Agreement covers the product you are seeking support on, and we are unable to provide support for it in the public EngineerZone community. Per the Analog Devices EngineerZone Code of Conduct, we do not discuss NDA products on EngineerZone. To receive support on this product, please contact the CIC team. 

    • In the US: 800-262-5643 or 781-937-1428
    • In Europe: Contact the Customer Interaction Center (CIC), Telephone: 00800 266 822 82 or +49 89 769 03111
    • In China: Contact the Customer Interaction Center (CIC): 800-810-1742, Fax: 800-810-1747 Rest of World: ALL 01 1 781 937 1428


    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide information about parts in the EngineerZone community based on their markings. We suggest going back to your point of purchase to get this information. ADI only provides warranty coverage or any quality, reliability, failure analysis, applications, or other support on products purchased through ADI authorized distributors and sales offices. To ensure you are receiving unused, legitimate ADI products, please ensure all purchases are made through the ADI authorized distributors and sales offices listed on our website at Sales and Distribution | Analog Devices 

    You can get more information on this topic on our website at Quality and Reliability Programs | Analog Devices