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MAX17851 can't connected MAX17843 daisy chain

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX17851

I prepeared Battery Managment System board using 4 (MAX17843) BMS modules connected in daisy chain. They are also confgured and monitored by MAX17851 SPI/UART Interface, which recommend producent. During coding this system I noticed some wierd performance of BMS modules in daisy chain:

  1. After start of debugger (st-link gdb server) and stop on brakepoint at beginning of program I noticed, that part of my program which set registers on BMS modules was executed.
  2. The second module in daisy chain transmit all the time messages without any transmision from MAX17851 and previous MAX17843 module
  3. After set LASTLOOP bit in first module, which limit daisy-chain to only this module everything works fine (after set this bit on second module its going wrong again).

All prepared by me osciloscop screens here: scopes

I can only communicate with the first module of daisy chain :(

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