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MAX17271 Shutdown by Software over I2C

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX17271

Hello folks,

I hope I am in the right forum here.

I am developing a handheld device and want to use the MAX17271 Buck-Boost Regulator as a power supply.

The device will be able to be turned on by a switch. The state of the switch can also be read out via I2C.
A forced shutdown after 13 seconds of operation is also provided.
All this works fine.

Now to the problem:

How can I switch the device off again immediately via I2C, or otherwise? I did not find a hint in the documentation.
The 13 seconds forced shutdown is not a good option for a handheld device. (Only in case of a malfunction - and I'm sure that's what it's designed for).

Does anyone have any experience with this problem?

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