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AD5142A Steps for Reading Registers

Can you provide me the steps for reading back a register from part number AD5142A?

I'm able to write to the device, but I'm not having any luck reading back.

Both ADDR0 and ADDR1 are grounded in my setup.

If you could give me the step by step process for reading back the value stored in EEPROM for RDAC1 I would appreciate it.

Please include any details related to start and stop conditions.

A timing diagram for performing a read sequence in the datasheet would have been helpful for an old RF guy.


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  • Hi Vsethia,

    Thanks for the reply on this one.

    The timing diagram in this datasheet definitely makes it clear on how to read back data from the part.

    I tried implementing this in the lab and worked.  I was confused for a minute trying to read back the EEPROM value for RDAC2 because the address (A3:A0) changes from 1d to 2d.  I just happened to catch this in Table 17.

    ADI should consider adding a similar timing diagram to the AD5142A datasheet.  I didn’t think to go and check the datasheet for another part for this information.

    Thanks again,