ADF7242 and frequency hopping in GFSK/FSK mode


I am looking at using the ADF7242 for a proprietary Frequency Hopping radio link.

I would like to determine the blanking interval, i.e. how long it will take to hop between frequencies.

Referring to the datasheet, Section "Receiver Calibration in GFSK/FSK Mode" on page 60, the Frequency Synthesizer will need 18us+ 52us + 80us to start-up and calibrate the Frequency Synthesizer .

However, Figure 94 also shows an Offset Correction Loop (OCL) static and dynamic calibration.

The total calibration time is then 664us.

A blanking interval of 664us is too slow for any resonably  Fast Frequency Hopping Spread (FHSS) scheme.

1) Is OCL calibration required before using a new frequency?

2) Is there any way of reducing calibration time (i.e. by using stored calibrated data)?

3) Please confirm what the lowest achievable blanking period time can be.

Any guidance would be welcomed.

Many thanks,


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