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Optical Module Development Platform  2.5 Gbps Transmitter with Digital Diagnostics


  I am a graduate student from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. I am currently looking for a SFP development board for our fiber optics lab. I happened to come across your product AN-654: Optical Module Development Platform

2.5 Gbps Transmitter with Digital Diagnostics.

I have a couple of queries regarding the product.

1) Is the 1310 nm FP Laser LC TOSA a part of the development board and/or connected to the SFP chassis in any manner, or is it for separate application?

2) Will it be possible to control the current values of the above mentioned FP laser?

3) Can Analog Devices provide the product with SMA connectors for signal input?

Hoping for a quick response.

Thank You,
Tushar K. Paranjpe

M.S. Telecommunications  |  Graduate Student  | Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, United States
Tel: +1-585-355-7768  |  Email :


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