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To adjust a hysteresis threshold of ADCMP601

I'm looking for the way to adjust a hysteresis threshold of ADCMP601.
Advice, please.

I paid attention to ADCMP601 for my product.
I'd like to adjust a hysteresis threshold of ADPCMP601 to the specific  value (for example, 30 mV ± 5 mV).
How should it be done?
Is Hysteresis Current measured?
Is very precise resistance installed?

What is chosen as a guidepost to trim?
What is chosen as a guidepost to do calibration?

Or please tell me the precision of the hysteresis threshold when installing the fixed resistance value.

  • Hi Mochi,

    There a number of factors that could affect the hysteresis voltage of the ADCMP601 when using a resistor to set the threshold. These factors include the following: operating temperature, supply voltage and hysteresis resistance value.

    On the specification table in the data sheet, you can see that to set a 120mV hysteresis, you would need to have a resistor that you can vary from 65kohm to 120kohm to maintain the hysteresis voltage at 120mV over temperature.

    Setting a specific value like 30mV with +/-5mV error, you can start by basing the RHYS value on Figure 10 in the data sheet which is about 200kohm at 5.5V supply.

    To check/calibrate if the part have the correct amount of hysteresis, the input should be swung above and below the a reference voltage connected to the VP or VN pin. Monitor the input voltage at which the output toggles from "0" to "1" and vice versa. Adjust the hysteresis resistance accordingly until the target hysteresis voltage is met.

    Best regards,