I have a question about AD5520.
My customers are considering AD 5520.
My customers are not going to use comparator outputs (CPOH, CPOL).

They plan to set digital inputs and then apply analog inputs (CLH, CLL, FIN).
Experiment with the evaluation board, it seems that the analog input circuit is not connected even if the digital input is set and strobed.
Do we need to strobe after applying analog input?
Or, does this indicate that we are doing something mistake?

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  • Hi Mochi,


       Yes. Those procedures looks right. I think I got your query now.

     Looking through the datasheet the strobing looks to be always required to be pulsated as it is responsible for two things as described in AD5520 Datasheet, page 15, Interface Section.

       1. For the latching of data available on the digital inputs and updates any required digital outputs on the falling edge

       2. Triggering of sequence inputs on the rising edge.

    I doubt if you could only do this only once but let me get back to you on that. 

    Would it possible to get all the input signals going in to the AD5520? And also the test set up you did on the AD5520 eval board. This is just so I have a clearer view of what you are doing.

    Again, I'd like to recommend the AD5522 which no longer has the strobing and uses a SPI command to operate the AD5522. I think it would be better suited for your end application. 

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