AD5560 package issue vs Temperature

1.Temperarture scals issue with different package

2.Pin1 issue

Dear  ADI,

We are now designing AD5560. For the package issue, we are confused about BGA and TQFP.

As we read from datasheet, we think 3 hot points are shown in the BGA package. But the scale of Temperature is unclear in ours views. Could you help to explain which package is most popular for our applicaton(per board over 4-6 chs). Thank you very much.

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    I moved your query to the other-products community. Someone should be able to help you there.


  • Hi @linear,

       Could you give me some additional information on your application. The AD5560 as you would know comes in two types of packages mainly the TQF_EP and BGA. Between the two, the TQF_EP has a better thermal dissipation because it has an exposed pad which could be mounted with a cold plate. This would however consume a considerable amount of space depending on the plate size. If board space is a factor in your hardware design I would recommend the BGA and just add air flow as described in the Thermal Considerations Section on Page 63 of the AD5560 Datasheet Rev. E, Page 63. 

       As per a better clarity of the pictures on page 64, I will check our archives for this and get back to you.

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  • Hi Tom,

    >>Its a multi channel power supply module for test equipment.
    >>We are looking forward to your reply(please help to check pending items in 2 weeks if possible)

    And also, thank you very much for your great support.

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