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Multiple questions about ADPD105 and ADPD108 and their evalboards

I work for a Medical device R&D company. We are currently working on a project where we are trying to detect physiological signals deep under the skin using IR which requires an emitter to detector distance of 4+ cm. Because of this, we need to use a large amount of current through the emitter to get deep enough and your ADPD10X components look like they could work. I got the eval board for the ADPD105 but it doesn't seem to let you use all the functions the chip has to offer. I wanted to try the digital integration mode but when I do the graph doesn't work. So first off, I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or if the eval only allows limited use. Second, I noticed you now have the new ADPD108 that is recomended for new designs but the datasheet looks the same as the ADPD105 so I was wondering what the difference is. lastly, when I looked at the datasheet for the eval board for the ADPD108, the schematic shows an ADPD107 but the text says ADPD108. I am just a little confused about that. Also, How can I obtain an eval board for the ADPD108, there is no buy option.


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