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LTM4663, How to control about Digital Temperature Control Loop?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTM4663


I am Taehwan choi incharge of Optical Transceiver engineer and H/W designer.

I always have problem control the TEC controller.

because it try to makes more stability of Target Temperature of NTC thermistor.

As you know,I especially cosider that overshoot Voltage&Current is eliminated  to make stable Transeiver's wavelength and Inrush current. 

additionally, Digital control has advantage of integration on PCB.

So, I am interested to control of digital not Analog.
(Analog is very difficult to make stable temperature with mentioned points by PID circuit.)

In datasheets of the LTM4663, ADN8834,I checked Target temp is controled by DAC, and Feedback temp is read from ADC.

As below,  I have questions.

1) Between DAC and ADC, Does they need to control with Algorithm?

2) How to control like PID of Analog in digital Temperature control loop? 

3) Is LTM4663 same with ADN8834?(In datasheets, it looks like same performance. I think LTM4663 is ADN8834's upgrade version.)

I look forward to detail reply.


Taehwan Choi.