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ADL5304 lower current limits problem

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADL5304

Hi everybody,

I'm using the ADL5304 demoboard (standard configuration) to measure very small current, up to several 10 of pA.

Today I'm unable to read current under 10 µA, whether with a current source nor a voltage source with an high value input  resistor.
A lot of noise appear on the VLOG output when the current get's lower than 10 µA.

Other post  of the forum advice us to us an voltage source set at 1.7V input voltage, and change the input resistor to have the desired current.
The second way is to use an current source set at the désired current with an inpout voltage level at 1.7V

Has anyone an idea what could be wrong on our setup ? Any help would be appriciated
Thanks in advance


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